Formula 1 Body & Aerodynamic Parts

1988 Benetton Front Wing End Plates - Pair

This is a pair carbon fibre front wing end plates for a 1988 Bentton Formula 1 car.

One is marked B188-13-D280-010.

Leyton House / March Rear Wing Lower Element

This is a carbon fibre rear wing element that maybe from a Leyton House or March F1 / F3000 / F3 Car.

It has a span of 975mm and a chord of 280mm.

Appears to have been used on a superkart judging by the non original mounting brackets on the underside.

The original side mountings are marked 6B and have a 1/4" UNF front hole and 10/32" UNF rear hole.

Benetton Front Upright Brake Duct

This is a carbon fibre front upright brake duct belived to be for a circa 1988 Benetton