MG Metro 6R4 Engines


2.5L International V64V MSA Legal Engine


We are offering for a sale a 2.5L V64V engine for the MG Metro 6R4.
This engine was last used at the Challenge final round to overall victory.

It also held the lap record at The Cholmondeley Pageant of Power for Saloons, Rally and Group B cars.

The record has stood for the last 5 years and even M-Sport and Elfyn fell 0.3s short of what this engine achived.

Only beaten by our own Twin Turbo car producing in excess of 800bhp!!!!
Still in car and can be seen running.
Supplied fully dressed including Motec ECU, Wiring Loom, Exhaust System, etc...
A very rare, original, unmolested engine with all the right tweaks.

3.0L Works Development V62V - No. 3

This engine was used by the factory during the development of the 6R4 project.

Also used by oursleves to win a hatrick of rallies that have now become part of the Rally Challenge.

These were in 1999, 2000 and 2002 were it beat fresh 2.8 and 2.5 V64V International Engines.

The very first casting of the 6R4 project number MET-01-001.

Having owned this engine for almost 20 years it is time for someone else to use and enjoy.

The engine shown in the photo is stripped for inspection minus carburettors but complete with dry sump and exhaust system.

A large spares package is also available including block, cranks, flywheel, oil pumps, rods, electrical, etc...

Jaguar XJ220 V6 Twin Turbo Engine Parts

We are offering for sale our entire stock of Jaguar XJ220 engine parts to include:

Crankshaft - Mint Condition x 1 off

Main Bearing sets - New x 7off

Turbos - Good Condition x 2off

Cylinder heads - Good condition x 2off

Cylinder Heads - Require repair x 6off

Camshaft - Road x 2off

Camshaft - Billet Race x 1off

Cylinder Head Studs - NOS x 24off

Pistons - New and Used - 24off

Front Cover - Good Condition x 1off

Plus more, please contact us for full list and viewing.

6R4 Crankshafts

All types of crankshaft available from 2.3L to 4.0L